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Flexicose Plus Liquid Joint Care

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Flexicose® Plus is made and manufactured in the USA at a certified organic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility which means The Flexicose facility is subject to the statutes and regulations of the United States Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which include the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The Flexicose facility is inspected by the Department of Health and Senior Services, Consumer Environmental Health to ensure maintenance of sanitary conditions. It is a good idea to make sure that you only purchase nutraceuticals that are produced in such a facility.*


A majority of Flexicose® Plus customers report a reduction in pain and improved mobility within one to two weeks. For others it can take anywhere from six weeks to three months depending on the condition of your joints.


Every ingredient in Flexicose® Plus is selected based on quality, purity and stability. Microbiological evaluations are also conducted prior to bottling. Every batch has strict quality controls to ensure that all of the ingredients listed on the label are in fact included in the exact dosages stated. These quality controls include quality specifications and raw material specification documentation to confirm that things such as the pH and assay are within acceptable limits.


All of the Flexicose formulas are in liquid form which will help your body absorb it faster and more efficiently, unlike pills. Many customers who have switched to Flexicose® from pills or powder form are astonished to find how fast Flexicose® works for them when ordinary pills failed to work at all.


Flexicose® Plus is a true value, each bottle lasts an entire month and we offer fantastic discounts on multi bottle purchase. Plus any orders over $75 will get free shipping!


The Flexicose Plus bottles have a patented "squeeze-and-sip" measuring cup that ensures you are getting the correct daily dosage. Flexicose® can be stored at room temperature before opening. It is recommended that you refrigerate after opening.

Flexicose Plus Customer Reviews

(*Every person is different and results will vary, but you can try products with confidence with Top Joint Supplement's money back guarantee.)

I've been using Flexicose® for myself, my daughter and my dog Toby (who has dysplasia and arthritis). My mobility has improved and my pain level has decreased exponentially! Toby now hops onto the furniture, he does not limp and he is able to go for moderate walks. My daughter is starting to feel some relief now, but her situation is so severe that it will take longer for her mobility to improve.  But at least she can tell that her pain is starting to decrease.*



I am a 47-year-old police officer with a knee injury acquired during 9/11. I was slowly losing the ability to play sports as I would be in too much pain for the next two days. Flexicose is magical! I have resumed my athletic schedule with a vengeance. I can now play whenever I feel like it, with only moderate soreness the same day. The next day I am back to normal. I literally feel like I'm in my late 20s again.*


Ever since I began using Flexicose®, I never had another flare up and my knees have felt great. There was about a 5 month period that I stopped using it and I started feeling soreness in my knees. So, I am convinced that Flexicose® works and I intend to keep using it.*

-Andrew L.

I have extolled the virtues of Flexicose® to numerous friends, relatives and acquaintances. My physical therapist spoke highly of Flexicose® and, at his suggestion, I ordered my first supply. I have been very satisfied with the results.*

-Rich P.

The pill form of glucosamine can pass through your body so quickly that you can still read the imprint on the pill. Yikes!! So I gave Flexicose® a try. Now my knees don't grind when I walk up stairs or ache like they used to in the morning. I will probably take Flexicose® for the rest of my life because of the alternative if I don't.*

-Brenda C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flexicose work for everyone? No, There are many different causes for joint pain, one of the most common is osteoarthritis or the general wear and tear of the joint. The products we carry work well for this type of joint pain. Results vary with rheumatoid or auto-immune types of joint pain. There’s really only one way for you to find out if it works for you - try it! And if you don’t love it you can return it & Get Your Money Back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

How Much Flexicose Do I Take? Just a half of a tablespoon, which is about a quarter of an ounce. The Flexicose bottle has a simple device to make sure you get the right dosage every time, no mess, no spoons or cups to clean.

How does Flexicose Taste Flexicose has a mild vanilla citrus flavor and natural sweeteners. The taste is not unpleasant, but it is a natural liquid vitamin, so don't expect it to taste like a milkshake :). Most Flexicose customers think the flavor is fine, but if you do not like the taste, you can return for a full refund.

Do I have to take it every day to get results? Glucosamine products work best when taken daily as a part of your normal everyday diet. That is the best way to get its joint support benefits. Some users feel that they can get by taking the supplement every other day. However, we highly recommend that you take it daily to enjoy the maximum benefits and experience optimal results.

How Long Does It Take to Notice Results? It varies. Some customers experience results in as little as 5-7 days. But for others it may take a little longer. Be Patient! Everyone has a different tolerance to certain key ingredients. Nevertheless, you should begin to notice benefits within the first 30 days.

How Long Does Each Bottle Last? Each bottle will last at least 30 days, depending on your dosage. Follow the directions on the label for proper dosage.

How long does shipping take? We ship Monday through Friday and always ship within 24 hours upon receiving your order. Shipping takes between 2-5 business days (USA).

Do you ship internationally? Not right now. We are experiencing high demand and need to focus on serving our US customers first and foremost.

How do I order? We have a Simple, Secure, Secure Shopping Cart that accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card or Pay Pal Your email address is ALWAYS kept private. We hate unwanted spam as much as you do and will never be a part of it. Or you can always call in your order to the number on the top of the page

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